Ice Refrigeration Maintenance

Refrigeration Maintenance

We strongly believe that if you look after your equipment, it will look after you. That is why we highly recommend the periodic Refrigeration Maintenance of all systems to keep them running safely, efficiently, and avoiding unexpected breakdowns and costs down the line resulting in loss of stock which could cost thousands of pounds!

We have a comprehensive aftersales service to ensure you are able to maintain your equipment at cost effective prices and at a high service level. If you take out a planned preventative maintenance contract with us, you benefit of a 15% saving compared to a standalone one of service.

We do not just offer Refrigeration Maintenance to systems we have installed, but also systems installed by others. Regardless to who installed your systems, we will assure you that they will be treated and looked after the same way to prolong the life of your vital equipment.

Considerable benefits of Refrigeration Maintenance

Lower energy bills

We all want to optimise our energy in order to achieve lower energy bills; if your Refrigeration system is poorly managed it will not be running at its optimal efficiency and will result in higher energy bills, due to taking more energy to heat or cool your products. Regular maintenance improves the quality and life span of your system, and therefore lower energy bills.

Fewer repair bills

As with all machinery there will be the occasional problem, however when on a regular Refrigeration Maintenance plan, there will be fewer repair issues and a much more efficient system. Our engineers are experts in the field, and will pick up any problems before they have the chance to cause damage or effect your system; in doing this, you will be saving on the hefty repair bills if a major part was to go wrong due to poor upkeep, let alone loss of expensive stock.

Avoid catastrophes

Your Refrigeration system is there for your business, and the last thing you want is for it to let you down when you need it the most! It is our view that you should be able to rely on your system all year round, and it should be working at its peak efficiency! A regular Refrigeration Maintenance routine is in place to stop any catastrophic breakdowns when you least expect it. This reduces your overall cost, as a maintenance program is much cheaper than an emergency fix, not to mention it can be completed at your convenience!

Equipment lasts longer

You bought your Refrigeration system to last, not to replace in a couple of years! Insuring that you don’t neglect its maintenance needs is essential to a long and healthy life of your system. Of course there will be general wear and tear, but catching these issues early will preserve its life span and also prevent breakdown at a difficult time, leaving you without chilled or frozen products! Your equipment will be running like a well oiled machine with our service plan.

We don’t stop there…

At Phoenix ACR, we like to look after our customers from the first contact and for as long as we can, that is why we offer both Refrigeration Installation and Refrigeration Repair for all customers, new and old, and installed by us or not.