Office Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Residential Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation in residential properties are becoming more popular everyday thanks to their exceptional efficiency. In fact they are becoming increasingly considered and installed in new build properties and refurbishments. Manufacturers are continually developing smaller, smarter and quieter Air Conditioning systems specifically for the residential market making them more and more attractive and efficient, averaging around 300% efficient! (For every kW that you pay for will produce an average of 3kW of heating or cooling!)

Contrary to popular belief, Air Conditioning is not just for “those five hot days of the year”, but more like a climate control solution, in that optimum temperatures can be achieved all year round, whether it be heating or cooling.  The heating element of Air Conditioning is incredibly efficient, absorbing heat from outside making it a much cheaper choice of heating than the conventional methods that we are so used to.

The comfort of Air Conditioning is no longer a thing just for offices, hotels and restaurants but now for your home too. Whether it be your master bedroom, conservatory or even the whole house, we have you covered from the your first contact.

Have you tried our pricing calculator? It gives you an estimate of how much it will cost for an installation based on the type and size of your room.

Our simple 3 step Air Conditioning Installation process


Survey & Quote

After we have received your enquiry we will organise a free survey. This enables us to find out what you would like to achieve. We will show you the different type of units available and talk about the variety of brands we install. We will also be able to size the system correctly before taking the information back to the office for us to provide you with a detailed quotation along with a small brochure for the quoted system.



Once we have the agreement in place and you are happy with your choice, we then raise the job, request a small deposit and organise an installation date with you. We will then attend on the agreed date to carry out the Air Conditioning Installation of your brand new Air Conditioning system(s).


Commissioning & Handover

Once the installation has been completed, we will carry out full commissioning to ensure everything is running how it should be. A full demonstration will then be given before handing over all operating manuals in our handover folder.

You are not forgotten once you have your new unit running. Our aftercare team will continue to look after you and talk about maintaining your system to ensure it runs at its optimum condition.

A few photos of our Residential Air Conditioning Installations

Commercial Air Conditioning

If your business relies on Air Conditioning then it is crucial to choose the correct contractor. We have all heard about poor standards within the industry, causing downtime which in return affects your business. Look no further than Phoenix ACR. We set the bar high with our Air Conditioning Installations to ensure your business continues to run smoothly without a hitch.

Comfortable temperatures are essential for the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce, not to mention the comfort of your customers! Stuffy or freezing workplaces are off putting and can lead to unsatisfactory business standards. We only employ highly qualified engineers for our Air Conditioning Installations, who are experts in the field, who are committed to providing you with the assistance and attention that your business deserves, no matter the size of the job.

Have you tried our pricing calculator? It gives you an estimate of how much it will cost for an installation based on the type and size of your room.

What sectors do we cover?

Server Room Air Conditioning Installation

Server Rooms

Retail Air Conditioning Installation


Hotel Air Conditioning Installation


Office Air Conditioning Installation


Bars & Clubs Air Conditioning Installation

Bars & Clubs

Medical Air Conditioning Installation


Education Air Conditioning Installation


Restaurant Air Conditioning Installation



What is the best type of Air Conditioning for my business?

Air Conditioning Installation
  • Wall-mounted air conditioners are thin and installed at a high level on the wall. These are the cheapest type of unit, however you may require several for a large room.
  • Ceiling mounted ‘cassette’ units are installed within an empty ceiling void with only the cover or ‘fascia’ on show. This is an excellent choice of kit for large areas due to its unique four way blow with its own individual louvers to direct the air.
  • Ducted  units are designed to be completely hidden. The only thing you shall see if the grills that the air travels from and into. This type of unit can be installed in an empty ceiling void and can even be used with heat recovery ventilation systems.
  • Floor standing units are similar to radiators. They look the same and can be attached to any wall which opens up its choice for location. This type of unit has either a single or double way blow depending on manufacturer.

Take the first step…

The first step towards improving your workplace productivity is having a chat with our friendly staff. We can discuss your Air Conditioning Installation requirements in detail and help you improve your comfort. Rest assured that we always have your needs at the forefront of our mind!

We don’t stop there…

At Phoenix ACR, we like to look after our customers from the first contact and for as long as we can, that is why we offer both Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air Conditioning Repair for all customers, new and old, and installed by us or not. We also offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contract where you save 15% on maintenance, and 10% off of call outs and repairs!