Walk In Chiller Refrigeration Installation

Refrigeration Installation

Refrigeration Installation is a requirement for businesses such as restaurants, hospitals and shops and getting it right is crucial. That is why Phoenix ACR only employs highly skilled and experienced engineers to carry out installations at a high standard at cost effective prices. Delivering a high quality service is the forefront of our business, which is why our professionals carry out prompt and customised services that are fully guaranteed to ensure peace of mind. Whether this be for a small undercounter cabinet or a large warehouse chiller, we have you covered!

We’re proud to work with all the major manufacturers for commercial refrigeration systems such as Danfoss, Foster and J&E Hall in order to keep our standards high, but can work on systems of any make and model.

What sectors do we cover?

Shop Refrigeration Installation


Kitchen Refrigeration Installation


Mortuary Refrigeration Installation


Laboratory Refrigeration Installation


Cellar Cooling Refrigeration Installation

Cellar Cooling

Florist Refrigeration Installation



The different types of Refrigeration Installation

Coldroom Refrigeration Installation

Walk in chillers & freezers

These are commonly used in sectors that need to store high quantities of items such as a commercial kitchens and florists. The room itself is a modular system which can be customised in many different ways to suit your requirements, including a hinged or sliding door. These are installed to create years of fault free operation at the highest level of efficiency due to its insulation.

Refrigerated display cabinets

There are many different types of refrigerated display cabinets, with every catering sector requiring them. These can either be integrated such as drinks cabinets or stand alone remote systems on wheels for easy access to cleaning. The most popular types of refrigerated display cabinets are:

  • Upright fridge freezers
  • Undercounter fridge freezers
  • Chest freezers
  • Multideck fridges
Display cabinets Refrigeration Installation
Thaw Cabinet Refrigeration Installation

Thaw cabinets

Many restaurants require freezing meat products, and by doing so requires them to be defrosted. That is why a thaw cabinet was designed to ensure meat is defrosted correctly and safely, at the right temperatures and duration. Surprisingly thaw cabinets can accommodate a large amount of volume helping the speed of the process.

Ice machines

This type of refrigeration system is a customer favourite! The majority of restaurants, bars and cafe’s have ice machines to ensure their customers’ drinks are cold and refreshing, especially during the hot, summer months. These vary in size depending on requirement and demand and can either be installed under a counter or even with a tall standalone system with a large ice bin to accommodate even the most demanding requirements.

Ice Machine Refrigeration Installation

We don’t stop there…

At Phoenix ACR, we like to look after our customers from the first contact and for as long as we can, that is why we offer both Refrigeration Maintenance and Refrigeration Repair for all customers, new and old, and installed by us or not. We also offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contract where you save 15% on maintenance, and 10% off of call outs and repairs!