Refrigeration Repair

Refrigeration Repairs

Unfortunately Refrigeration Repair is a necessity when owning a refrigerated system because just like any other system, they can break down even if they are looked after to a high standard and that is why you require a company that is pro active and quick to respond, diagnose and repair. Our engineers are highly trained in identifying and resolving faults making your unlucky day as frustration free as possible. Our vans are also highly stocked of spare parts to minimise downtime.

We will always try and get your system back up and running on our first visit, but if this is not possible due to parts we do not carry, then we may be able to offer a temporary solution. Depending on the circumstance, we may be able to arrange temporary mobile coldrooms so you don’t waste thousands of pounds of stock.

Commons signs of a problem

Not making temperature

We understand that it is crucial that your refrigerated systems are cooling correctly to keep your products at the right temperature. If you notice that is at the right temperatures, call our engineers who will carry out tests and repair is necessary.


If your system is making a loud noise then there could be a problem. This could be anything from a faulty fan to a excessive vibration. If left unattended the noise could get worse and cause further problems.


Leaks are always a problem and a nuisance. This could be caused by a blocked drain or a failed pump causing the condensation to overflow. If possible put a bucket underneath and call us right away. One of our engineers will attend to resolve right away.

No power

If you have experienced a loss of power, it could be something really simple such as a plug that has come away from the socket or a fuse that has tripped in your fuse board. If the power has not been restored after these basic checks then call our team who will happily assist in any further checks and dispatch an engineer if required.

We don’t stop there…

At Phoenix ACR, we like to look after our customers from the first contact and for as long as we can, that is why we offer both Refrigeration Maintenance and Refrigeration Installation for all customers, new and old, and installed by us or not. We also offer a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Contract where you save 15% on maintenance, and 10% off of call outs and repairs!