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Refrigerant Regulations

If your business uses Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps or Refrigeration you could face an unlimited fine if isn’t fully compliant with the European Union’s F-gas Regulation No 842/2006. To avoid this and to make sure that your systems are complaint, give us a call today and let us take it from here.

Certified F-Gas services

There are powerful greenhouse gases found in systems such as Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps; when not handled correctly, they can cause untold damage to the atmosphere. In order to be legally compliant, these systems must be managed by certified engineers governed by organisations such as Refcom, who are F-gas registered and are qualified to perform leak tests, make reports on refrigerants and conduct audits of your systems.

Don’t spend your time worrying about whether your equipment is legally complaint – let us ensure that there are no risks posed to you or the environment.

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Frequency of F-Gas checks

F-Gas checks

F-gas leak checks must be carried out according to a particular procedure. It depends on the amount of refrigerant in the system, as to how often these will need to be done:

  • 3kg or more of F-gas – at least once a year – unless hermetically sealed and labelled – which would make the threshold 6kg.
  • 30kg + of F-gas – at least once every six months.
  • 300kg + of F-gas – at least once every six months.

In applications which contain 300kg or more of F-gasses, there must be a leakage detection system installed which halves the checking requirements. A further test must be carried out within a month of repair after a leak has been detected.

Your F-Gas Responsibilities

In units over 3kg charge, there are particular F-gas regulations that operators must abide by;

  • Ensure that any leaks are prevented and repaired as soon as possible
  • Ensure the commission schedule is met for leak checking
  • Ensure that proper records are kept of refrigerants and servicing
  • Ensure that the leak checks are carried out by certified engineers
  • Ensure that a certified person carries out the disposal and servicing of refrigerant